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Anneke Odendaal

Hi, I'm Anneke

Founder of Pink Sparrow Social

How it all began...

After finishing my degree in business with a major in marketing I went straight into a 9-5 managing social media. I started noticing other businesses were comming to me for advice on how to use social media. This lead me to starting my own marketing agency managing a few different business accounts on social media.

I was achieving so much success for my clients that one day (on the 1st of June 2021) I decided to apply it to my account. I grew my page from 966 followers to 12.6k in 1 month and another 2 weeks later it hit over 30K. I achieved this all organically without a single ad spend. I did it with Reels and the right strategy.

Everything i've learnt, i've turned into an easy-to-follow strategy that anyone can use to explode their business with Reels. 

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