Full day filming Reels

Let's Film Some Reels!

What's Included:


On a REELS FILMING DAY I come to you and we spend an entire day together (around 6 hrs) filming Reels.

Besides the obvious benefit of having Reels ready to post at the end of the session, the day includes coaching for yourself and any staff on how to film, edit and use Reels efficiently for you business.

Before filming day we have a quick 15 min chatting over phone to work out a strategy for your content plan so we can get the most out of the filming day.

I will then send you the content plan in advance look over.

After filming day I will also spend time editing any unfinished Reels along with a quick follow up Q&A call to track progress.

I can't wait to get creative with you!


Would you like a hands on day filming the right Reels for your business?

Yes! I Need You.